We Create Great

51 Strategies

A minority-owned limited liability company, 51 Strategies compliments companies, organizations and people in the development of strategies for new and ongoing marketing campaigns. Our network of executives ensures that any concept can be realized through thoughtful strategies and focused implementation. 51 Strategies offers a range of consulting services, all designed to help our clients reach their potential. Whether you're looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul, we have you covered. Our services are available turnkey or a la carte, so you can get precisely what you need to be successful.

Services We Provide

Creative Writing and Design
There are times when our clients are so close to their projects they are unable to effectively articulate how they make our community better – when this happens, they turn to 51 Strategies to create dynamic content for their marketing materials or talking points.

Strategic Planning
From generating concepts to implementing ideas, 51 Strategies will guide you through the process.

Market Research and Development
Throughout the process of idea generation and conceptualization, 51 Strategies assists with defining the market and ensuring our clients are aware of their potential.

Product Development
While our clients are subject matter experts, 51 Strategies looks at alternative avenues to enhance a product thus creating new streams of revenue that were not previously available.

Staff Augmentation
When our clients win contracts or open new offices, 51 Strategies is there to fulfill their staffing requirements with subject matter experts, veterans, cleared, off-shore, near-shore or any other type of consultant they require. We source staff directly from resumes, not a service or third party…we are the recruiter.

Print Solutions
Once a client's vision and message are realized, regardless of the size and scope, 51 Strategies is experienced in producing dynamic thought-provoking print solutions – from brochures (printed materials) to wrapping buildings (large format) – a client’s request is only limited by their capacity. 

Project/Program Delivery

Manage a $3.0MM task order…check. Manage a $350MM task order…check.

Public Relations
A majority of our clients wish to announce their market penetration, 51 Strategies takes public relations quite seriously as our network reach begins with grass roots advocacy and ends with mainstream national and international media.

Subcontractor Management

Have 10 teammates, no problem – our process includes a software management system.

Task Order Response
With responding to task orders and request for proposals as one of the most difficult, complex and costly requirements for small and mid-size businesses, 51 Strategies enables companies to realize the true benefits of winning contract vehicles.

Teaming Support – Need teammates, once again, no problem – we have steadfast partnerships to ensure you are aware of opportunities.